Roto Sweep by Fuller Brush, Original Cordless Hard Floor Sweeper

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  • Simply push this manual sweeper forward - its rotating brushes will lift and sweep up the dirt and into the built-in dustpan
  • Works on ALL Hard floor surfaces: Wood, Tile, Marble, Linoleum and Vinyl with NO scuffing or scratching
  • Wet, Dry, Big or Small, it can easily sweep it all: Kitty Litter, Pet Hair, Food, Crumbs, Dirt and MORE.
  • Lightweight and Convenient: Weighs less than 2 pounds and folds flat for hard to reach areas and easy storage. NO bags, filters, batteries or electricity required


* no cords, bags or batteries

* Easy to empty built in dustpan 

* lightweight weighs less than 2 pounds 

* brushes rotate 360

* works on wood, tile , marble , linoleum and vinyl