Epochal UV Protective Clothing - Women's Bishop Stall

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Epochal Classic Item!  Best Seller!

Never need to apply Sunscreen again with this puffed sleeve drape!  It is made of a 'cooling material' and has multiple ways to wear it as a stylish shoulder stall, a cardigan or even a neck guard.  It can be changed in length to suit many different designs, as you can imagine!

You can even turn it upside-down to create a different width and look for the sleeves to wear longer or by fastening a button, it transforms into a "Bolero" style.  Play with the styles to suit your look and feel the best!

The neckline can be created into two styles.

This new UV material has a luxurious, soft and comfortable touch to your skin.

Enjoy temperature control and a gorgeous, functional design.

Available Colour: Navy

Size: One Size Fits All

Product number:  92320