Epochal UV Protective Clothing - Teleco Neck Guard & Face Mask Combo

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Choose Pretty, Stylish, Soft and Comfortable UV Protective Clothing! 

Never need to apply sunscreen again!  This amazingly soft, cool and stretchy UV neck guard can also be used as a pull-up face mask, anytime you need.

Cuts UV Rays and doubles as a Face Mask!   Goodness at its best!

・UV Protection Rate of 98% or more

・Made with 55% cotton, 45% rayon

・A face guard that protects from the lower half of your face to your neck from UV rays. It is a knit material that is soft and easy to breathe.

・ The 98% UV Protection material protects the skin during outdoor activities by blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays, providing a relaxed fit and all-day comfort. If you enjoy shopping and outdoor activities, this is perfect for you!

The soft "Teleco" material allows your skin to experience the best 'chilled sensation' and is the most comfortable to wear, even in warm temperatures.

The neck guard is One Size Fits All, so you are guaranteed a good fit! 

There are comfortable cut-holes on the sides of the neck guard, for your ear to fit through, when you wear it as a face mask going in/out of stores.

The design easily fits as a stylish turtleneck under your shirt for a different look when going out or use it to cover the neck and shoulder in a full face guard.

Get one in every colour to match all your outfits!

Available Colours:  Light Grey

Product number 91020