WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head
WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head
WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head
WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head
WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head
WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head

WaterPik Power Pulse Ultra Thin Shower Head

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Treat Yourself Better
With an Everyday Spa Experience

The Waterpik PowerPulse UltraThin+ Hand Held shower head is packed with features that deliver cutting-edge technology and spa-like therapeutic power.

With a sleek, ultra-thin design, this shower instantly upgrades your bathroom to a contemporary and modern look. And it takes just minutes to install.

The PowerPulse UltraThin+ Shower Experience

Select from 5 Modes with a Simple Twist

This UltraThin+ Shower Head by Waterpik delivers 5 unique experiences, from power to luxury.

Our innovative Easy Select 360-degree spray selector lets you customize your shower experience through a simple twist of the wrist.

Cycle through all of your favorite spray modes and take control of your shower routine.

PowerComb Spray

The PowerComb spray quickly and effortlessly combs shampoo or conditioner from even the thickest hair.  In consumer testing, 91% of users reported improved hair manageability.

It's great for cleaning, too. Tired of soap scum? The PowerComb spray is perfect for scouring shower walls with a powerful blade of water, even getting in between grout, and extending the time needed between deep cleanings.     

PowerPulse Massage Spray

PowerPulse Massage delivers powerful pulsations of water to provide you with a rejuvenating massaging experience each day.

This breakthrough technology provides up to 2X the massage force of other U.S. retail market shower heads. In consumer tests 94%, experienced muscle tension relief.

SoftComb Spray

The SoftComb spray gently sweeps your day away. The fine streams let you change from tension-relieving pulsations of water to a soothing spray so you can rinse in comfort.

Rainfall Spray

The six-inch diameter face and longer handle position this spray to give you a luxurious overhead rainfall experience while still having the versatility of a hand held shower with hose.

Bliss Mist Spray

Our Bliss Mist spray mode holds you in a warm embrace, using fine water droplets that energetically dance on the skin and allowing you to escape to blissful serenity.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

30 Day Exchange/Refund Warranty with TATPORT INC.

Lifetime Warranty: This product’s limited lifetime warranty allows for easy product replacement if determined the product is defective.  The full warranty details are included inside this product’s manual.

Additional Features

  • Chrome finish
  • 5-spray hand held shower head
  • 5-foot (1.5 m) premium quality stainless steel hose
  • Installs in minutes on any standard shower pipe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 2.5 GPM/7.6 l/min Flow Rate

Box Includes:

  • 5-foot (1.8 m) premium stainless steel hose
  • Hand held shower head
  • Shower bracket
  • Easy to follow installation instructions


  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)/ 7.6 l/min
  • Width: 1.5”/38,1 mm
  • Depth: 6”/152.4 mm
  • Height: 13”/330.2 mm
  • Total Product Weight: 1.5 lbs/.68 kg
  • Total Package Weight: 2.43 lbs/ 1.05 kg

Warranty:  30 day warranty with TATPORT INC.  & 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Item is Brand New.

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